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July Self-care Club

I came across this blog entry by Sara Wickham about self-care and it really resonated with me. Right now the majority of my time is spent dealing with the needs of my five month old daughter and in moments when she plays happily on the floor I usually dash around the house in a whirlwind attempt to cook and clean. There is little time available at the moment for the things I would normally enjoy doing – there often seems to barely time to take a shower!

Sara Wickham presents us with three questions. What would feed your soul? What challenges are you facing? What do you need more of in your life this next month? She invites us to make a self-care pledge. I could probably write a long list for these first two questions and come up with an extensive list of things that would contribute to my self-care but this would be unrealistic. So, in this moment what do I need more of? My stiff from breastfeeding shoulders tell me that they need some attention and my headache suggests I am dehydrated today so I’m going to pledge that I tune in once a day to how my body is feeling and take a simple step such as drinking more water or doing a few minutes of yoga to address what it is that my body is telling me that day. Sounds simple, but I know the challenge will be remembering to do it at all or following through on what I find with a corresponding act of care for my own body. It is easy to make excuses not to take care of your own needs however if you don’t then who will, and if you don’t then just how are you going to be the best you can be for the people around you?