Road to Peace

In commemoration of the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday the Road to Peace Films team undertook a peace walk pilgrimage from London to Glastonbury. This was a penniless walk relying upon the generosity of strangers and carrying the message of interfaith harmony. On Saturday June 27th they arrived in Glastonbury. I was one of the representatives of the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre and Sanctuary with the privilege of welcoming the peace walkers to the town. 

We gathered at the towns Peace pole to greet the pilgrims arriving in the town where they were presented with The Glastonbury Unity Candle. There followed  a foot washing ceremony where the weary walkers also touched their feet to the Avalonian earth for the first time. The Mayor of Glastonbury welcomed the pilgrims and carried out the Call for Peace, a local traditon. Priestesses from The Goddess Temple then drummed the way to the temple where theUnity Flame  was merged with the Flame of Avalon, a flame that was created through the bringing together of a number of others including the Perpetual Flame of Kildare and the Hiroshima Peace Flame.

The final part of the pilgrims journey was to ascend Glastonbury Tor where an interfaith peace ceremony was carried out. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to welcome them at he end of their journey.




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