Five month old baby

My little girl is already five months old and I really can’t believe where time is going. She is becoming mobile, not yet crawling but doing a sort of backstroke shuffle to move around when on her back. When on her front her little arms and legs work so very hard to try and crawl. She has become very interested in meal times and has grabbed food from plates a number of times. We have therefore bought a highchair which is now around the table so that she can feel she is joining in with us at meal times. We are planning to do baby led weaning so it isn’t yet the ideal time for her to try to eat. Distraction techniques include playing with a spoon and she seems to be able to coordinate it well.

She is such a joyful baby. She wakes every morning with a huge wide smile. She loves to chatter to her older siblings and her current favourite game is blowing raspberries which makes her chuckle when we respond to her.   I sing to her a lot and there are a few songs which she enjoys more than others including a traditional Waldorf morning verse and The Wheels on the Bus which has specially extended verses to incorporate some of the baby signs we are using. She loves playing games with scarves and play silks. I am so grateful every day that I get to be her mama.



3 thoughts on “Five month old baby

    • It goes “Good morning dear earth, good morning dear sun, good morning dear trees (I have seen rocks substituted for trees) and the flowers everyone, good morning dear beasts (I’ve heard animals here but I like to use beasts as I think it’s good to introduce a wide range of words), and the birds in the trees, good morning to you and good morning to me”. We sing this a couple of times over along with doing the hand actions. If you google it you should come up with a video of someone singing this verse with actions. If not let me know and I will upload a video. My daughter loves this song so much. It will calm her instantly when needed at any time of the day. I am writing a post at the moment about singing through the day and will share some of the songs we use so watch out for that. How old is your little one?

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