National Breastfeeding Week

it is National Breastfeeding Week here in the UK. I love breastfeeding my daughter. It is a very special bonding experience and I know that I’m giving her the best possible start I can. She is five months old and exclusively breastfed. 

Carried upon your instinct
Your little mouth roots against me,
Latches, a pause, then comes the flowing
Here my child, here is my offering.

Your little fingers explore my skin
Eyes locked to mine
Little legs tucked against my belly
Rosebud mouth at my breast.

Full, round moon-breast feeds you.
This magic milk nourishes you, my child.
How sweet this moment.

You pause even in your hunger
To share a smile with me
Hand reaches out for mine.
I am here little one. Always here.

Soon enough you will be dancing.
Soon enough you will be the laughing child
I envisioned when I dreamt of you.
Soon enough this will be but a memory.

So, for now Let me gaze upon you with wonder,
Lost in my love for you.
Let me offer you my mother-milk.
Let me hold you to me little one
Let me always remember this milk-flow.


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