Morning Rhythms

I love mornings. Waking up with a four month old baby fills my heart with joy. Each morning she greets us with the most incredible smile which lights up her entire being. Lately this is followed by her rolling over, investigating her world from this recently discovered vantage point. We usually spend some gentle time together, the three of us. My partner may read a story from one of the books we keep at our bedside. I usually get up then and head for a shower or bath and my partner spends some time chatting with our daughter. She then gets to spend some time on a blanket on the floor as we make the bed and so on. During this time she is so vocal. She is really beginning to find her voice and her chatter usually draws one of her older siblings in to play with her if they are at home.

My partner usually dresses our daughter for the day whilst I put clothes in the washing machine, hang laundry out and vacuum. We then go out to take our dog for his morning walk. I carry our daughter in a wrap or sling. If it is Sunday we go for a long walk so we will be out for two or three hours. When we get back she sits in the kitchen in her bouncy chair and we talk and sing to her while getting breakfast ready. We try to make breakfast a shared family meal though our son leaves the house at 6.15am for college a number of times a week so he doesn’t always join us. In around two months time our daughter will begin to try some solid foods and we’ve decided that breakfast will be the meal at which she will first have foods introduced. We have a fourteen day rotating meal plan so breakfast is always varied. The plan will change seasonally to reflect how our food preferences vary throughout the year. Our current breakfasts include pancakes and bacon, homemade bread, fruit and preserves, superfood muffins and a smoothie, eggs royale and blueberry scones and fruit. 

After breakfast my partner walks to work. After clearing up and dealing with more laundry we usually do some baby yoga and floor play. Floor play mostly involves repeatedly rolling over, her new favourite thing and her early attempts to crawl. She sometimes plays for a little while in a baby bouncer or with simple toys. By around 10am she is ready to take a nap so we settle down for a breastfeed which normally settles her to sleep for an hour. She sleeps cuddled on me so I use this time to catch up on social media, to write or read.

Rhythm is not the same as routine though it may contain elements of it. The rhythm of our mornings is not set in stone, it varies if appropriate and it is inevitable that it will change with seasons and as our daughter gets older. Rhythm is intuitive. This is what works for our family right now. What does your morning rhythm look like?


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