Introducing my baby to the elements part 3: water

Previously I’ve written about introducing my baby to the element of earth. In this post I will discuss ways of working with the element of water.

I had assumed that my daughter would instantly love water. I love it myself and spent a lot of time during the last few months of pregnancy taking warm baths to ease a painful pelvic condition. Plus she is an Aquarius. However when it came to it, like most babies, her first bath when she was around a week old didn’t go well. Definitely not an experience she loved! We avoided the bath for the fist two months and tried to minimise her water experiences as she simply wasn’t ready. She had moved from the watery world of the womb into a world where her little body was subjected to a much greater force of gravity. She was beginning to come to terms with this adjustment in her world. Perhaps trying to understand an earthside watery experience was just too much for her. We made cleaning her as gentle an experience as possible using a little water in a sink where necessary. 

At around two months old we discovered a shift in her response to water. We began taking her into the shower and later moved on to using the big bath. We have followed her cues to guide us in determining what she is ready for. Showers and baths became fun all of a sudden. We used this time to play with the water ourselves whilst talking to her about what was happening and the properties of water. I realised that I had to approach this through the eyes of a baby. How would she experience the water flowing over her body from the shower? What did the light playing on the water in the bath look like from her perspective? How did it feel for her when her little body floated in a big bath of warm water? In other words I needed to engage my child self or fetch in the experience in order to engage her. 

She is now four months old and absolutely loves her bath time. She watches with obvious excitement as the water pours from the taps and fills the tub. We ask her “Are you going to go splash?” and she responds by vigorously kicking her legs and letting out an excited little shout as she waits for her bath to be ready. During her time in the bath she is relaxed, she experiments with splashing her hands just a little or really splashing them hard. She plays with ducks, splashing her arms snd legs to make them move around the tub and practicing her fine motor skills by attempting to pluck them from the moving surface of the water. She happily gets her face wet and enjoys floating in the water. 

I occasionally take her to one of my favourite watery places, the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. There she joins me as I meditate at the well and she gets to hear the water flowing into the healing pool. When she is a little older I will introduce her to these waters, to how they taste, to the icy coldness of the healing pool. She has also visited the White Spring, a completely different energetic experience. Where the red waters of the Chalice Well emerge into a bright and peaceful garden, the white spring waters roar into a dark cave-like world lit only by candle light. We have yet to visit the beach though I look forward to sharing her first visit with her soon. She gets to go outdoors no matter what the weather so she has been able to watch the rain fall, listen to it hitting the umbrella and has felt rain on her skin. 

Our little girl is already becoming fascinated with the world around her. Babies change so fast. We have a number of plans to continue providing her with experiences with the element of water over the coming months. These include:

  • Taking her to the beach for the first time.
  • Visiting an aquarium.
  • Taking her to a swimming pool.

I will write again in a few months to update our journey with water.


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