Wishes for Berry

Bright Berry. It has been beautiful to watch you grow even from far away through the images that your family have shared with our community. You have been a shining light since the moment you were born and melted many hearts. I wish you a great and wild shining in the world as you grow and a happy path filled with creativity, love, and adventure. With many blessings.”


I send Berry my love and blessings. May she receive all the love that is coming her way, and grow in confidence, joy, and strength. May she know herself in all her parts. Many blessings on you and your family.



Berry – may you always have friends by your side, nature to relax in, joy and love in your heart and peace in your time. May you enjoy this wise family you have been born into, and learn well from your amazing parents and siblings and Welcome to your community, we are here for you now and always. With much love and happy Welcomes.


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