One of the things I made a promise to myself to do was to ensure that we celebrated each Sabbat with our daughter. Beltane this year was her first, it is one of my favourites and it marks a year since her conception.

Here in Glastonbury Beltane is quite a big deal with a local community celebration taking place every year. It seemed this was a good way of our baby experiencing her first Beltane. So off we set around ten In the morning to gather along with other local people and those drawn to visit the Isle of Avalon on this special day at the Market Cross. As usual this was a colourful event. Many people chose to have their face painted green to take on the role of green man or woman. There was community music and poetry. The Arch-druid of Glastonbury was accepted by the townspeople to take on the role for the year to come and there was a battle between the Winter King and Summer King for the hand of the May Queen.  

Eventually the Maypole was taken up by the Green Men and carried in procession to Bushy Coombe where  it was erected and traditional dancing took place.

You can watch some of the celebrations in thisYoutube video.

It was a boisterous affair as Beltane celebrations ought to be, my little girl enjoyed the music, in particular the drumming. She was very alert and seemed to listen with interest as the crowd called responses, sang together and horns were blown. At this stage in her development celebrating the Sabbats is very much about her having things to appeal to her senses and the Glastonbury community celebration was perfect for this.


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