Our bedtime practice

As a Pagan mama I am keen to involve my baby daughter with my beliefs. One of the first things I introduced was a bedtime practice. So what does this consist of?

This practice takes place during our final breastfeed before she falls asleep, usually around 7.30pm. We begin by preparing the room so we make sure there is a window open for fresh air through the night, close the curtains, light a Himalayan salt lamp and then she and I snuggle up and begin her feed.

Once she is settled at the breast I say a little prayer for the Earth which I found at https://nuannaarpoq.wordpress.com/adventures-in-parenting/nightey-night-bedtime-prayers-for-pagan-babies/. Then we have a gratitude practice in which I tell her about some of the things I am grateful for that day. This is her time and so in this gratitude practice I talk about the experiences we shared together. So I might talk about how she laughed during a game we played or how peaceful it was sitting listening to the birds in the Abbey. Following this I talk her through a simple progressive relaxation in which I tell her about the golden energy from her own special star and how that energy travels from the star into her body. We move from her head down. I place a hand lightly on the body part I’m talking her through and usually by the time we reach her toes she is just about asleep.

Although she is just eleven weeks old she responds to this practice well. The words don’t have meaning for her yet but babies are able to tune in on an energetic level and so she understands that this is a special time and she visibly relaxes and moved into sleep time with ease, gently sighing and snuggling in to her mama. In time she will come to understand the words too. In this bed time practice I am hoping to instil a sense of presence in the moment and to recognise and be grateful for our blessings. The star relaxation will hopefully become a tool she can call upon herself whenever she may have need of it. As well as being a tool for relaxation it also teaches an awareness of body parts and how to tune in with what is happening in her body on a physical and energetic level. Finally, it is an early lesson in energetic work that we can expand on later.

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