Letters to my daughter: eleven weeks old

This is the second in a series of posts in which I share letters I am writing for my daughter to one day read.

Dear Berry,

Today you are eleven weeks old. Where has the time gone already?Yesterday I looked through photos I have taken since your birth and already you have changed so much from that newborn baby, yet each and every time I look into your deep blue eyes I feel as though I am seeing you for the very first time and I drink in everything from your soft dark hair to your tiny feet.

At eleven weeks old you have the most incredible smile which reaches your eyes and is somehow too much for you to contain so that it spills over into wild arm and leg waving. It seems to me your joy is so great that you experience it with your entire being. You share your smile each time you wake and I feel like the luckiest mama in the world. You are beginning to find your voice and so you are now regularly trying out different sounds to converse with us. Your voice is so beautiful. It is the loveliest sound I have ever heard.

At night you sleep cuddled up to me or laying on one of our chests. You curl your little body right up against me, resting your leg on my belly and your hand against my breast. Often I lay awake just looking at you. Studying your oh so long lashes or feeling your soft hair against my lips and I have such intense overwhelming love in my soul for you.

You have just discovered your little hands so you are often stuffing them into your mouth now. Sometimes you wave them in front of your face and look as though you are wondering how they got there. Just this morning you tried really hard to grab your giraffe toy but couldn’t quite get it. When you fed this afternoon you reached for my fingers and my clothes, trying out moving my hand in yours. It will not be long before you gain this control over your little hands and start discovering how it feels to have the control to reach for something you want.

You love songs and baby yoga. You already recognise what we are going to do and get excited by actions you recognise. You are able to focus for longer on books and enjoy story time. I carry you everywhere we go wrapped up safely against me. Often you sleep through this time but more and more you are wakeful and turning your head to see where we are going or to look at something that catches your attention. I already see the signs of the independent person you will one day become.

My sweet daughter, you are changing so much each and every day and I want to remember you exactly as you are right now. This letter will remind me of how you are today, in this moment. I know that tomorrow you will change just a little.

I love you so much my sweet Berry and I am overjoyed to be your mama.

Your loving mama.


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