Introducing my baby to the elements part 1: earth

In this series of posts I will share how I am going about introducing my baby to each of the elements. I decided that the first element to work with would be earth. On the first day that really felt as though spring had arrived we went to the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey with our baby who was around two months old. This is a place that is particularly special. It always feels like a haven of peace in the middle of the town.


Once there we took off our shoes and settled on the grass and after checking in with Berry we gently touched her feet to the earth for the first time. Her reaction was wonderful. She was clearly contemplating the feeling of the grass and the earth on her feet. She wiggled them around and watched them carefully. I then used a little red ochre on both sides of her feet and spoke a spontaneous blessing before chanting “Hail earth, mother of all” whilst she continued to focus on her little feet.


In the next post I will share some of the ways we work with earth on a regular basis.


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