Welcome to Avalon

Welcome to my blog. Here I anticipate telling the story of my family. We have recently after many years in the planning moved to Glastonbury, Somerset. Often known as Avalon, Glastonbury has a particular and unique flavour. We move here at a time that sees a lot of changes for our family. Our seventeen year old son has just started college whilst living at home with us whilst our fifteen year old daughter is home educated. I am pregnant with our fourth child who we plan on home educating. I work as a midwife and my partner works as a teacher but we are both going through a period of re-evaluation right now as we want to provide appropriate home education for our daughter and also want to plan ahead to enable one of us to always be available to care for our new baby so as to avoid using childcare. So my partner has given up teaching full time and has taken a job with a local charity, whilst I plan on going down the route of self-employment and working part time. So many changes and challenges ahead. central to my world is my practice as a witch in the Faery Tradtion. Here I plan on talking about how my religion and craft is central to all that takes place in my family life.


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